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Mon, 25 Jun 2012

New UK part-time programme in anthroposophy

FLAXLEY, Gloucestershire (NNA) – A new part-time programme in anthroposophical studies is being launched in October 2012 in the UK.

Called “insight”, it is a “blended learning programme” delivered through attendance, guided distance learning and mentoring, the organisers of the programme say. 

“‘insight’ offers an integrated learning pathway in anthroposophic studies and is carried by a national and international faculty of subject experts,” Simon Reakes from the initiative told NNA.

Founded in the philosophy and methods of Rudolf Steiner, the programme is delivered through immersion in key anthroposophic concepts, “becoming aware of our humanity through the arts and engagement with nature processes”, a flyer for the programme says.

According to the programme’s website, learners receive a themed learning pack after each attendance session for further home study. Following each of the first three attendance sessions they also receive mentoring to support their learning journey. The programme is CPD certified.

The core faculty consists of Jonathan Code (UK), Adrian Locher (UK), Simon Reakes (UK) and Robin Schmidt (CH) with guest lecturers in 2012-2013 Elizabeth Wirsching (NOR), Ron Dunselman (NED), Bodo von Plato (CH), Jonathan Stedall (UK), Marjatta Van Boeschoten (UK) and Fergus Anderson (UK)


Link: www.insight-initiative.org

Item: 120625-02EN Date: 25 June 2012

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