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Mon, 30 Nov 1998

New Editor for New View

By Christian von Arnim

London, 30 November (NNA) - The Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain has appointed a new editor to take over its magazine New View.

Tom Raines, who has substantial magazine editing experience and has already been involved with New View as a contributor, will guide the publication into a new phase of its development.

Outlining his approach, Raines said:

New View is a magazine which aims to connect anthroposophy to the widest public. I wish to help it live up to its name by providing a space through its pages where people have the possibility of meeting something new and refreshing, where the understanding embedded in life's phenomena can gradually reveal itself.

This could happen when an experience or subject was approached from many informed points of view, Raines added, “and together these points of view can build up a more complete picture of the whole. Then we may indeed have a new view on life.”

Raines himself has travelled widely, and in a varied career has gained experience in business and project management in addition to his journalistic activities, as well as having an interest in social and educational questions.

As editor of New View, Raines sees it as his task to make the magazine as inclusive as possible: “There is a tremendous potential for what can flow through the magazine in the way of articles, insight and comment to become a living bridge connecting spiritual knowledge and experience with everyday events and with all open-minded people from any walk of life.”

A key element in this respect was accessibility: “To bring this about will need the support of writers who are willing and able to offer their thoughts and experiences in a language and style which is broadly accessible to the public. This I wish to encourage.”

Raines, who worked for the Swiss German-language magazine Novalis before joining New View, has ambitious plans for the British publication: “I have a vision which sees this magazine growing as an initiative, connecting across the English speaking world, receiving contributions from other countries and cultures so that it might play its part in awakening us more to who we really are. And such an initiative can only flourish through friendship with others.”

Tom Raines can be contacted at: New View Magazine, Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT, United Kingdom.


N981130-01EN Date: 30 November 1998

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