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Thu, 01 Jul 1999

News in brief / Kurznachrichten

London, 2 July (NNA) - The Science Group of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain has opened its Web site at http://www.anth.org.uk/Science/

Comments and suggestions for improvements or additions to the site to Science Group webmaster: Dr David J. Heaf, 101622.2773@Compuserve.Com.

“Ecological Cereal Breeding and Genetic Engineering” - a discussion paper by Christine Karutz, translated by Barbara Saunders-Davies.

The author reviews the evolution of plant breeding strategies from the most ancient to most modern recombinant DNA technology and vividly highlights the ethical dilemma facing biodynamic and organic agriculture when it comes to drawing the line. Christine Karutz makes some suggestions for the way ahead for organic/BD agriculture when faced with this new technology.

Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL), Ackerstrasse, Postfach, CH-5070 Frick, Switzerland, Tel: +41 (0)62 865 72 72, Fax: +41 (0)62 865 72 73, Email: christine.karutz@fibl.ch, Homepage: http://www.fibl.ch in cooperation with: Sativa Genossenschaft für DEMETER-Saatgut, Secretariat: c/o Jürg Hädrich, Gartenbauschule Hünibach, Chartreusestrasse 7, CH-3626 Hünibach, Switzerland

To order a hard copy of this publication please send your order to the above address of FiBL. A contribution to the cost of producing this document would be welcome. (The basic production cost including postage is SFr2.50, GBP1.00 US$2.00)

Also available on the internet: in German: http://www.biogene.org/themen/saatgut/getgen.html in English: http://www.anth.org/ifgene/karutz.htm

Copies can also be obtained from: Dr David J. Heaf, 101622.2773@Compuserve.Com

Ifgene web site: http://www.anth.org/ifgene

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Johannes Wirz, David Heaf, Andreas Heertsch, Thomas Stoeckli, Christine Ballivet and Joseph Morel have opened an email list for preparation for the Michælmas 2000 conference of the General Anthroposophical Society, discussion of visions for the future of the Society and sharing other anthroposophical initiatives.

Registration is possible via http://sei.mens.ch/Michæli2000/Index.htm or through one of the above-named list administrators. This discussion forum is open to all regardless of their relationship to the Society.

David J. Heaf, 101622.2773@Compuserve.Com


N990702-EN Date: 1 July 1999

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