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Mon, 12 Jan 2004

“Rudolf Steiner in the coffee house” exhibition opens

By Ursa Krattiger

Basle, 12 January (NNA) – The exhibition “Rudolf Steiner in the coffee house” opened in the Unternehmen Mitte centre in Basle on Friday. The centre, a former bank building which was converted into a coffee house and cultural centre, is hosting both an exhibition of 44 + 1 blackboard drawings by Rudolf Steiner (1 original and 44 original sized facsimiles), as well as the Rudolf Steiner Archive for seven weeks, with an accompanying programme of guided tours, concerts, lectures and discussions.

“Rudolf Steiner in the coffee house” – that was even better than in the museum! And that had, indeed, been something that he and Walter Kugler from the Rudolf Steiner Archive had wanted in 1999 during the sensational exhibition of Steiner’s blackboard drawings at Zurich Art Gallery, Guido Magnaguagno, the new director of the Jean Tinguely Museum in Basle, said with a smile. Looking back at the Zurich exhibition and around him at the drawings hanging in the counter hall of the former bank, the museum director summed the effect of the drawings: “It is art, but it is not only art, it is also philosophy, it is also the art of living, and it has undoubtedly brought fundamental change to my life.”

Actually it was surprising, Magnaguagno added, that after highly successful shows at the Bern and Zurich art galleries, as well as at museums and galleries all over the world, Steiner’s blackboard drawing were on display for the first time in Basle at Unternehmen Mitte. But then again, perhaps the "Forces fashioning the 21st Century” – that was the name of the exhibition including Steiner, Beuys, Belyj and Emma Kunz in Zurich in 1999 – could best begin to exert their influence from a coffee house.

The author Wolfgang Zumdick from Aachen, Germany, allowed the guests at the exhibition to become flies on the wall of an imaginary coffee house conversation about and with Rudolf Steiner, who spent a lot of time in such premises both in Vienna and Berlin – in premises where newspapers and magazines, encyclopædias and heated discussions with other guests were mostly thought of as the real reason for going to the coffee house, rather than the ostensible excuse of having a coffee. In this way Zumdick opened the accompanying programme to take full account of the environment of the exhibition.

Rudolf Steiner held more than 6000 lectures on his many lecture tours and on over a thousand occasions he elaborated them with colourful blackboard drawings – his visions, inspirations and imaginations are fresh, bold and unrestricted, having caused a stir on the art scene worldwide for well over a decade.

Next to the drawings, the extracts from the lectures to which they refer can be read – and those who wish to investigate further can go to the Rudolf Steiner Archive, which set up shop locally for the duration.


Ursa Krattiger is head of the Swiss Anthroposophical Media Centre

See also NNA report “Rudolf Steiner in the coffee house” (7 November 2003, N031107-02EN)

Detailed programme at: www.rudolf-steiner.com

Item reference number: N040112-02EN

Date: 12 January 2004

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Faust in adult education

Dornach, 12 January (NNA) – A collaborative project between the Goetheanum Stage and Basel adult education college (VHS) will allow students attending the college to take a look behind the scene of the major „Faust at the Goetheanum 2004“ project. The Goetheanum staging will have its premier in April.

According to the Goetheanum, the course on three consecutive Saturdays will offer an insight into different aspects of the production, including acting, eurythmy and technical aspects.


Item: N040112-01EN Date: 12 January 2004

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