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Thu, 08 Mar 2007

Film review: “Zum Abschied Mozart”

The rehearsal of Mozart’s Requiem during the final six weeks at school of a class in a Swiss Waldorf school is documented by the film “Zum Abschied Mozart” (Goodbye with Mozart) by director Christian Labhart. The film, which opens in Germany this week, sensitively portrays the experiences and feelings of the final-year pupils as they rehearse the Requiem for their leave-taking concert in the context of their own personal hopes, fears and plans for the future. A full review in German of the film by NNA reviewer Edith Willer-Kurtz can be found at: www.nna-news.org/news/de/index.cgi/2007/03/08#070308-01DE_REZENSION-FILM-MOZART.


Item: 070308-01EN Date: 8 March 2007

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