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Thu, 21 Aug 2008

Hess Natur expands into USA – New York fashion designer Miguel Adrover hired as creative director

BUTZBACH (NNA) – The German environmentally and socially aware clothing company Hess Natur is in the process of expanding into the United States.

Following the opening of its US online shop last month, the mail order fashion retailer “that designs beautiful apparel” will launch its catalogue in September.

At the same time the company has hired the internationally known avant-garde Spanish-born New York fashion designer Miguel Adrover as its creative director.

“We are very pleased to introduce Hess Natur to the US market. Americans, we truly believe, are ready to embrace a way of dressing that is kinder to the earth and the people who live on it,” the managing director of Hess Natur, Wolf Luedge, said in a press release.

“Miguel Adrover is a unique talent, whose dedication to environmentalism is apparent in not only his garments but in the way he lives his life. Miguel brings an exciting level of creativity and inspiration to us,” Luedge added.

Hess Natur was founded in 1976 by Heinz Hess to make clothing made of organically produced and non-synthetic or chemically-treated fibres because he could not at the time find any such garments for his baby son.

The difficulty in the beginning in finding suitable suppliers led Hess, who was inspired by the ideas of anthroposophy in setting up the company, to initiate projects for the cultivation of organic cotton in Sekem in Egypt followed by further similar schemes in Peru, Senegal, Turkey and Burkina Faso.

Hess Nature is also involved in the only organic silk project worldwide.

The company works together with the Clean Clothes Campaign and the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure the fair treatment of growers.

In 1991 the company was awarded the Public Eye Positive Award at the World Economic Forum in Davos for its exemplary activities.

The fashion retailer recently entered into a partnership with the Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr.  Muhammad Yunus and his charitable Grameen Foundation to support its work in combating poverty.

In the Grameen Knitwear Project, Hess Natur has introduced ecological production methods and in addition to paying a fair price for the goods also pays a bonus which goes directly to the Grameen Foundation.

Hess, who died in 2006, sold the company, which last year achieved turnover of 42m euros from January to September, to the giant Karstadt-Quelle retail group in 2000 to allow his creation to grow further.

But he always remained closely associated with the company he founded.

Now, in the words of the company, “we are bringing the dream of Heinz Hess to America: beautiful, natural, organic clothing from a company with a conscience.”


Link: www.hess-natur.com

Item: 080821-01EN Date: 21 August 2008

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