NNA is a not-for-profit company. This means that all the money we receive is used directly for the benefit of the news service. As an Internet operator we have minimal infrastructure and administrative costs (mainly for hosting/domain services, preparing annual accounts, etc.).

The bulk of our expenditures go to pay our editors, correspondents and translators who provide the professional service you value.

Please support NNA with a donation – be it large or small – via PayPal (below right) or directly using our account:

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As NNA wishes to make its output available to all around the world, irrespective of ability to pay, NNA has chosen to fund its work by seeking regular contributions from those organisations who use the output and from those who support the aims of its work.  This depends on the good will of everyone who values our work. 

NNA also seeks financial support from individuals who support the aims of our work of helping the new thinking required in the twenty-first century to break through by covering events which are often ignored by the mainstream media. Both one-off and regular contributions are welcome and encouraged.

NNA led the way as the first news medium to emerge from anthroposophy to make use of the opportunities offered by the Internet – and we are still the only news agency in the anthroposophical movement. If you value the service provided by NNA, please do contribute. Online payments can be made using credit or debit cards, or via PayPal.


NNA needs a steady income stream to operate properly. While we have a number of funders who have regularly and generously supported our work in the years since we put out our first news story – to whom we are very grateful – that regular core funding in itself it not enough to operate NNA properly. If funding from other sources drops in any given year, that has a direct impact on the service we can provide.

We have therefore come to the conclusion that the only way to place NNA on a solid long-term financial basis is by moving to the type of funding model on which foundations or trusts, for example, operate. If NNA can accumulate enough assets so that it can operate on the investment income, that would remove the sometimes more, sometimes less successful scramble each year to try and ensure that we have enough funding to operate a decent service.

If, therefore, you are thinking of making a bequest or know someone who is, please also include NNA in your considerations to help put the funding for the news agency on a secure long-term footing. We would be very happy to talk to you about the best way to do this.


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