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Peace Light from Bethlehem defies Coronavirus

Photo: Cornelie Unger-Leistner

Despite Covid-19, the Peace Light is on its way again this year. The ceremony sending the Light into the world was livestreamed from Salzburg Cathedral. NNA would also like to wish all our readers a peaceful festive period. [more]


“Covid is the problem, people are the solution” – how New Zealand successfully tackled the pandemic

Thu, 24 Dec 2020

New Zealand is generally seen as one of the success stories in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. Here NNA correspondent Vee Noble looks back at a year with the virus from a New Zealand perspective. [more]

Is insect die-off also connected with mobile phone radiation?

Fri, 06 Nov 2020

As 5G is rolled out, a study shows that electromagnetic fields could have a negative effect on insect decline. The environmental authorities should take heed, the Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union in Germany demands. [more]

Coronavirus and climate crises must be seen in tandem

Fri, 06 Nov 2020

The resilience researcher Prof Johan Rockström sees important learning processes in the coronavirus pandemic. The health crisis could be attributed to the destruction of ecosystems, made worse through climate change. [more]

Changing yourself and the world through training mindfulness

Fri, 06 Nov 2020

A conference in Stuttgart dealt with the life’s work of the consciousness researcher and meditation teacher Georg Kühlewind: revolutionising the idea of the I as a necessity of our time. [more]