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Peace Light from Bethlehem on its way once again this year

The Peace Light is on its way from Bethlehem out into the world once again this year. We at NNA would like to take this opportunity to wish our readers a peaceful and light-filled Christmas and every success in 2019. [more]


Transhumanism – the end of the human being?

Sun, 23 Dec 2018

Transhumanism and the controversial and highly topical questions it raises was the subject of a conference in Switzerland. Mathias Maurer from the journal Erziehungskunst reports. [more]

Supporting small-scale farmers in the fight against climate change

Fri, 14 Dec 2018

The fair trade movement has called on the COP24 climate change conference to take action. Climate justice requires fair trade which also affects small-scale farmers. [more]

Mbagathi Rudolf Steiner Schools seeks new funding approach

Fri, 14 Dec 2018

In the face of an ongoing funding problems, the Mbagathi Rudolf Steiner School in Kenya, which caters for children from the most underprivileged backgrounds, is seeking more stable and innovative forms of sponsorship. [more]

A vote and its consequences

Wed, 23 May 2018

ANALYSIS | The AGM of the General Anthroposophical Society refused to extend the period in office of council members Paul Mackay and Bodo von Plato. But this was no dispute about general direction but rather individual issues. [more]