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New MSc in Practical Skills Therapeutic Education

By NNA staff

STROUD (NNA) – Ruskin Mill Trust, a leading British charity working with young people with learning difficulties through a pioneering programme of therapeutic and practical education and care, has developed a new Master of Science degree in Practical Skills Therapeutic Education together with the Crossfields Institute Hiram Education and Research Department. The degree is validated by the University of the West of England.

In a brochure setting out details about the course, the MSc programme is described as being designed for professionals in anthroposophic health and social care, curative and therapeutic education, arts, crafts and commerce. It offers specialism in the method of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education.

The programme offers experiential, work-based learning in eight different locations across England and Wales. Furthermore, “individual modular and work-based pathways and subject specialisation is available for professionals who wish to develop their practice in their workplace,” the brochure says.

The Practical Skills Therapeutic Education method has been developed and researched by Aonghus Gordon, the founder of Rusking Mill Trust, and colleagues working within different Ruskin Mill Trust initiatives since 1983.

The programme, which will commence in September 2012, aims to equip the learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills to set up, manage and/or teach in organisations wishing to implement or integrate this method and to develop expertise in integrative and holistic education, care and management for special educational needs provisions.

The value of this approach had been recognised internationally, including the ability to adapt and apply the programme to different areas of work, the Trust says on its website: “This MSc programme, inspired by 25 years of research, development and hands-on application, offers the opportunity to explore and develop a deep understanding of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education and its worldwide application.”


Item: 120417-02EN Date: 17 April 2012

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