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Nexus News Agency has ceased operations for financial reasons and no further reports will be published. The website with the existing articles will, however, remain online as an archive. Articles may continue to be used, citing the source.

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Sea-Watch 3 rescue ship detained in port again

By NNA staff

Having returned to action in the Mediterranean after several months confined to port, the rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 has once again been detained in what Sea-Watch describes as “politically motivated harassment”.

Tirelessly at work even during the holidays

By NNA correspondent Wolfgang G. Voegele

Rudolf Steiner’s sole travel diary has been published in the Archivmagazin of the Rudolf Steiner Archive. It gives an insight into the private life of the Austrian philosopher.

Can opponents of vaccination invoke Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy?

By NNA correspondent Wolfgang G. Voegele

The answer would appear to be “no”. A look at his work and biography reveals a nuanced yet pragmatic approach. 

Peace Light from Bethlehem defies Coronavirus

By NNA staff

Despite Covid-19, the Peace Light is on its way again this year. The ceremony sending the Light into the world was livestreamed from Salzburg Cathedral. NNA would also like to wish all our readers a peaceful festive period.