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New Zealand universities approve Steiner School Certificate

By NNA staff

AUCKLAND (NNA) – Following its earlier approval by the New Zealand Qualification Authority, the new Steiner School Certificate (SSC) has now also been accepted by the country’s universities as a university entrance certificate.        

According to a statement from the Federation of Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf Schools in New Zealand, the representative body for New Zealand’s eight universities, Te Pokai Tara, has also approved the certificate.

The certificate has thus passed its final hurdle which means that students who have achieved an SSC in Class 12 at Level 3 may be admitted with equivalent status to any of those universities.

“The certificate will provide a protective framework around the Waldorf curriculum and provide a state-recognised pathway for Steiner School pupils through to tertiary education,” the Federation said.

“This is an enormous achievement for our Steiner/Waldorf movement and one that deserves celebration, particularly in the light of the current ideological trends in our education system,” it added.


Item: 111211-02EN Date: 11 December 2011

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