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Online biodynamic course ready to go live

By NNA staff

FOREST ROW (NNA) - The UK Biodynamic Association (BDA) has announced the launch of the first ever online, fully accredited distance learning course in biodynamic agriculture.                                          

The programme, “Biodynamic Agriculture – Principles and Practices”, has been developed and will be run by the BDA’s Biodynamic Agricultural College (BDAC) located in Forest Row, East Sussex, England. 

Arjen Huese, one of BDAC’s course leaders, wrote the course together with other staff in response to an increasing demand for an online course building on the experience and success of the traditional courses BDAC has been running for over the last ten years, the Association said in a statement. 

“It became evident to us all at BDAC that an online course in biodynamics is a great way to reach more people and spread the insights in biodynamic methods to farmers, gardeners and all people interested in sustainable food production,” Huese said.

Going live in January 2012 with the first “Introduction to Biodynamic Agriculture” module, ten modules will be rolled out in total over the following two years. 

According to the BDA, the modules feature a wide range of topics including composting, astronomy, etheric formative forces and community supported agriculture.  Each module runs for three months and includes eight lessons each with a video and detailed lecture on the subject. 

There is a task associated with each lesson and these are marked by the staff member at BDAC presenting the module.  In addition, students have access via the website to a virtual learning environment with forum, chat room and wiki pages. 

The course is aimed at complete beginners right through to professional gardeners and farmers: “The learning pathway is extremely flexible as each course module is individually accredited,” the Association said.

To attain the full diploma, students must complete all ten modules. Some tasks are practical and students will require access to a garden, allotment or farm to complete them in order to achieve the qualification.

Patrick Holden, Patron of the BDA, commented: “In offering courses to all those who have a thirst to acquire new food production skills, the Biodynamic Agricultural College has emerged as a shining beacon of hope for the future.” Holden is a former director of the Soil Association, the UK’s leading organic organisation.

Prospective students can view a free preview at where they can see for themselves “this inspiring and accessible new course.”


Item: 111211-03EN Date: 11 December 2011

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